Licensed by CC: whalt

Licensed by CC: whalt

So, I read this article about this great author named Martin Lindstrom. He has written a book named, Brandwashed. He knows about marketing.

The, subject about this article, found on Feedly, in content that I added, from the RSS feed, of {grow}, leads me to this incredible video, done by Mark Schaefer.

The video is available in YouTube.

So, what’s interesting about this article, is that this man, Mr. Lindstrom has traveled to homes, and places, he gets to visit, and he tells us, how not only, digging over his area of expertise (brand building), he has this way of exploration and the experience, that serves the purpose, of being able to encounter the ideas necessary to create.

Yes you heard right. Creating. Coming up with ideas.

His type of research is very much interesting. This type of formula to discover ideas is very effective.

Found this article very fun, to watch.

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