Licensed by CC: The Magic Tuba Pixie

Licensed by CC: The Magic Tuba Pixie

We had the assignment to go around campus, and tape with our phones an interview of what do the faculty or students think about the subject, of technology being a factor that separates us and technology being a factor that helps us come together?

This assignment was due to the fact, that these two persons, Sherry Turkle & Nathan Jurgenson have different views about the technology subject.

After doing my interviews I came to the conclusion, that three out of three students, think that technology, actually separates.

The defying factor here is, that I think differently from my interviewers.

I am totally amazed with the advances, and accomplishments, we humans, have made, make and will be making in our life. Technology is just a great tool, to be used wisely. I love the evolution, and the experience. You just have to find the right way to manage it.

By the way, both articles were really good.

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