Licensed by CC: Marceline Smith

Licensed by CC: Marceline Smith

I was currently discussing in class openly, about the book, The Magic.

I was brought to the knowledge of this book by a sibling.

After reading it the first time, and I read it only because I wanted to be able to speak about it, before judging by not reading it.

So I did.

The book gave me the assignment, to for, 28 days go on this personal, individual, lonely journey.

It’s really personal the way you interpret the book, but in my experience I can say that I enjoyed having to easily and by your own standards re-live “the magic”.

I could tell you it has magic and you would probably not read it.

I could tell you I enjoyed it, and you would probably not read it.

I could tell you, you should try it, and maybe you’ll see…

…that going through a pleasant experience for your own good could make you read it for yourself.

If, one day, you cross path with it, take a look at it, you probably won’t regret it.

It’s a pretty feeling!

You can learn a little bit more of this book on the web page.

If you decide to try it, you can buy a notebook, and begin “the magic”.

Author of the book

And below the Author Speaking…

Keep moving!

Silence the Mind