So, the time has come…

Finals have arrived and I have finished the INF 115 class. I think that if I put into perspective all of the things I’ve learned for me it has been such a productive and amazing final semester. I think that this class has teach me, so many new ways of improving my online experience and new platforms to enhance my online presence. Thank you Prof. Vantaggiato for allowing us to learn more about the world wide web.

List of assignments:

  1. Resumen de la clase (link)
  2. Asignación 1: Wikipedia & Influencers (link)
  3. Asignación 2: World Wide Web (link)
  4. Asignación 3: Audacity & Soundcloud (link)
  5. Asignación 4: Gif it Up! (link)
  6. Asignación 5: Feedly (link)
  7. Asignación 6: (link)
  8. Asignación 7: Preguntas para los recursos (link)
  9. Asignación 8: Page Hacker (link)
  10. Asignación 9: Video Interview (link)
  11. Asignación 10: Listado & Auto-evaluación (link)
  12. Asignación 11: TED Talks, Influencers, Websites (link)
  13. Asignación 12/13: Milq Account (link)
  14. Asignación 14: Listado & Auto-evaluación 2 (link)
  15. Trailer de la clase (link)
  16. Video Proyecto Final (link)
  17. Entrevista a Rafael Matos (link)

List of posts:

  1. Social Media Trends 2016 (link)
  2. Airplanes fee aren’t that important (link)
  3. Snapchat & Podcast Growth (link)
  4. Google Translate offline (link)
  5. Facebook con problemas de censura (link)
  6. A new technology could save birds? (link)
  7. Social Media privacy (link)

For me that greatest thing in this class was all the new social media platforms that we discovered and how everyday we see how this changes and the magnitude of it. It’s amazing how big and incredible the world wide web is and how each day we can find new ways of improving and finding all of this.

Cristina Arce