Snapchat & Podcast growth?

CC License: Adam Przezdziek During finals, I’ve had the opportunity to research some things about new social media platforms and ways to improve or discover other technologies that are unknown to our eyes. I came across this website called Social Media Examiner and it caught my attention this article in particular. It’s called Snapchat and Podcasting […]

Asignación 11

Lista de TED Talks: A Darwinian Theory of Beauty (Dennis Dutton) How to read the genome and build a human being (Ricardo Sabatini) TED’s secret to great public speaking (Chris Anderson) The magic ingredient that brings Pixar movies to life (Danielle Feinberg) Dive into an ocean photographer’s world (Thomas Peschak) “Influencers Twitter” Julio Rivera Saniel (@riverasaniel) […]


Finally I had the awesome opportunity of using the iMovie app from my laptop, and creating a cool concept. We had to create a trailer that could catch the attention of anyone who saw it, for me it was a new thing to do cause I’ve never had the chance to create something that could […]

Asignación 10

Aquí un listado de las asignaciones que he publicado en lo que va del semestre: Resumen de la clase (link) Asignación 1: Wikipedia & Influencers (link) Asignación 2: World Wide Web (link) Asignación 3: Audacity & Soundcloud (link) Asignación 4: Gif it Up! (link) Asignación 5: Feedly (link) Asignación 6: (link) Asignación 7: Preguntas para los […]