Band Of The Week: The Royal Concept

Slight Band History:
The Royal Concept originally known as “Concept Store”, “The Concept” and “Stockholm’s Royal Concept”. The band is composed of David Larson (guitar, keyboard and vocals),  Filip Bekic (guitar) ,  Robert  Magnus (bass) and Frans Povel (drums). This group is relatively new, their debut was in 2010 under the name of “Concept Store” with their single “Damn” showing their electronica mix with a “Phoenix” like sound. The band changed their name to “The Royal Concept” in 2012.

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Alternative Rock, Synthpop
Activity: 2010-Present
Name Origin: N/A (for now)
Studio Albums: 
The Royal Concept EP(2012)
-Royal-EP (2013) 
From: Stockholm, Sweden 
Fun Facts About the Band: 
1. They made a song for Frankinweenie “Lost In You“.
2. “Gimmie Twice” appeared in Movie 43.
3. Their Single “Goldrushed” was featured in FIFA 2013’s soundtrack and in Nascar the game: Inside Line.
4. “On Our Way” was covered by Glee season 5 on the episode “the end of the twerk” (what a surprise;)  
Top Songs

Personal Opinion: 

I don’t know much of this band, because they’re is not much information about them, some friends of mine recommended me this band saying that they sounded a lot like “Phoenix” but had a sort off different vibe too it, they were right about that. I really can’t say anything negative about this band cause they are just starting, I can say this, if you like “Phoenix” you will like this band cause it does have some very nice tunes, two of my favorites are “Goldrushed” and “On Our Way” they have a nice sound to it, check em out. it wouldn’t hurt.
If you find this band interesting and want to see more check them

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