7749080504_20270648e7_q License CC: Jurgen Appelo

For our class we had to create a Feedly account, where we can keep in touch with all the news and articles of our interests so it would be easier to know what’s happening in our surroundings without having to jump from website to website. I have found that this incredible website can store as many accounts as you like and you can categoriza them by themes. For me this is incredible, because I can keep up with everything’s that happening in Puerto Rico but also with topics that I love. Here I link some of the blogs I follow in my feedly, hope y’all like them.

  1. Punto Informático
  2. TechCrunch
  3. The Beat
  4. The Official Google Blog
  5. Mashable
  6. Food Politics
  7. The Blonde Salad
  8. As We Travel
  9. Beta News
  10. BuzzFeed

Cristina Arce